What Employers say about Spainwise

What a great idea! I think it's exactly what we need to get new and good teachers in our schools!

- Penny Rollinson, Director of Studies, Cambridge House, Madrid

Me parece una idea muy buena, genial.

- Bernhard Roters - Director of IH Seville

What an excellent idea. I would like to offer my congratulations on your efforts at facilitating quality recruitment.

- Will Knight, Director of the English School, Lugo

I must congratulate you on the web page. It is excellent and very useful.

- Rosa Menacho, Director of John Atkinson School of English in San Fernando, Cadiz

A useful directory for our CELTA trainees!

- Jan Wright, Director of Studies, International House, Palma de Mallorca

An excellent idea of yours, and one we much appreciate!

- Vince Middleton, Director of John Atkinson School of English, Chiclana de la Frontera

The website is Fantastic!

- Gabrielle Kerr, Director of The American Center, Miéres, Asturias

Una gran idea que espero funcione para bien de todos.

- Francisco Benito, Director of Chester, Madrid

I'm really impressed by the website you've started. It's very professional and I'm sure will be successful.

- James Martin, Director of St James, Seville

I think it's a great idea and I know it'll take off instantly.

- Frank Spain, Director of Escuela de Idiomas Spain (Ciudad Real) and Spain Language Institute (Puertollano)

I think your idea of a site to help teachers is brilliant.

- Janice Haywood, Director of Windsor Idiomas, Madrid


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