People who have lived in Madrid find it difficult to leave without feeling a special attachment and it's even more difficult to contemplate not returning. In fact, at the moment, Madrid is one of Spain's main destinations for tourists from all over the world.

TEFL MadridIf you stroll in the parks, along the streets, in the plazas and mingle with the people or simply have a look at cultural events on offer in the newspapers you can discover many of the enchanting possibilities of this city.

There are thousands of pubs and bars with terraces to sit and have a drink, numerous restaurants offering every type of cuisine you can imagine, and a very lively night life for those who want it. Every week you can choose from over a dozen good films in English or other languages and a wide range of concerts spanning classical, pop, rock, jazz and flamenco. Spain is home to some of the world's most important art collections in the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums.

TEFL MadridFinally, the climate is one of Madrid's greatest assets: bright sunshine and blue skies help foster a positive and enthusiastic outlook.


The quickest, cheapest form of transport in Madrid is undoubtedly the Metro (6,15 euros for a ten-journey ticket). Buses are generally quite efficient too and the ticket you can buy in the Metro is valid for buses as well. Taxis are easy to find at all hours of day and night and are also cheap.


Obviously there is a huge range of prices in Madrid but the following is a guide to the types of prices you can expect to pay:
Cinema - 6 €
Coffee - 1,10 €
Caña (small beer) - 1 €
Sandwich - 2 €
Menú del día (3-course lunchtime menu) -9 €

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Quality of life
Mar 28th 2002, from The Economist print edition

Zurich is the best city on earth to live in, says a new survey by William M. Mercer, aconsulting firm. The survey ranks quality of life according to 39 factors, including political stability, personal freedom, air pollution and the quality of health care, schools, restaurants and theatres. Rich-world cities, not surprisingly, are bunched at the top. London and New York are reckoned to be equals. Belgrade is rated Europe's worst. TEFL Madrid


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