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The Balearic Islands make up an autonomous region comprised of four main islands:

TEFL Balearics While several of the islands' names might be familiar as holiday destinations, and the tourist industry is without doubt singularly important here, there are vast areas of the Balearic Islands which belie their superficial image.

Majorca, perhaps the island most frequently associated with package tourism, is an oasis of natural beauty once you travel inland and explore its hidden treasures. Even Palma, the island's (and region's) capital, has managed to retain its essential 'Spanishness', with its authentic taverns, shops and stalls still making their presence felt among all the establishments you would expect to find at a package tourist resort.

TEFL BalearicsAlthough still the main industry, in Menorca, tourism is slightly less 'in your face' here. Indeed, old-fashioned Spain, unspoilt beaches and rural hideaways can be found by all but the most unimaginative of explorers.

Ibiza has something for everyone, with trend-setting nightspots for the hippest people in Europe, breath-taking scenery for those who want to get away from it all, and even classic holiday resorts (complete with satellite football and English breakfasts) for the least adventurous travellers. TEFL Balearics

Travelling from one island to another is easy, and there are substantial discounts for residents on flights from the islands to mainland Spain.


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The association of language schools in the Balearic Islands is called ACIB.

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