Paperwork & Legalities


  • Labour Legislation
    Spanish law is heavily-regulated and you should know something about the legislation which affects you directly.

  • Signing a Contract
    While procedures for signing contracts vary considerably, many of the steps in this article are common for EU nationals when signing contracts with Spanish language schools.

  • Applying for an Identity Number (NIE) for EU Nationals
    Procedures for applying for an identity number vary from province to province (and, it can seem, from day to day!) so this rough guide to the process for EU nationals is subject to the vagaries of Spanish bureaucracy.

  • Applying for a Social Security Number
    Once you have been issued with a national identity number (NIE), you can register for a Social Security Number. Here's how.

  • Health Issues
    Health care in Spain might seem complicated at first, but you neednít fret, as this article will show.

  • Getting Paid
    Unless you are independently wealthy, being paid will be an important issue for you. In this short recording, Linda Fergusson of the English Language Institute in Seville talks us through a typical Spanish pay-slip (called a nomina in Spanish) and explains the deductions made for tax, social security, etc.


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